Personal Training & Private Classes

Personal Training adapted to you and your goals and conditions.

Pre and post-partum, pre and post-surgery, reduced mobility, performance, among others.

Private Classes for groups, such as couples, families, friends, colleagues … In Portuguese or English. You choose!

Personal Training

In Personal Training, the training session is totally designed for the student and his goal or need. From the athlete who wants to improve his performance to the student who has a specific condition or need.

Personal Training is the best way to train, achieving results faster and safer. With schedules chosen between the student and the Personal Trainer.

It integrates several approaches or methodologies in order to provide the best result.
Through the Multiview System, we achieve excellent online monitoring.


Lessons of your favorite modality, for your group.

Whether it is an advanced or adapted class, an exclusive class for your family, friends, company, in English or Portuguese.

Just gather a group and choose the time!

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