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The Integrative Medicine consultation consists of a new medical approach that combines the best of conventional medicine with the benefits of non-conventional therapies.
CHowever, Integrative Medicine is not just the sum of these, it is a new vision of health and the patient, considering the person in full, reaffirming the relationship of trust and commitment between the patient and the health professional.
Orthomolecular Medicine, integrated, allows for a biochemical rebalancing, neutralizing toxic effects and improving people’s quality of life.
Na abordagem integrativa é essencial ter em conta a individualidade de cada ser humano.
In the integrative approach, it is essential to take into account the individuality of each human being.
The main objective is to achieve optimum health and vitality.
In this perspective, we work to be healthy and prevent diseases, in a preventive way, in search of balance through changes in lifestyle, hormonal and nutritional modulation.

The Consultation can cover:
– Hormonal Modulation
– Anti-aging
– Orthomolecular Medicine
– Weight Management and Obesity
– Healthy Weight Loss
– General and Family Medicine
– Post-Covid-19 follow-up

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